Dorona Reingold

Educational Consultant

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Who am I?

I am an educator with over 20 years of classroom experience both in Israel and in the US. Having made aliya while in elementary school, I have experienced the Israeli school system as a student as well.
Throughout my career, I have designed innovative teaching methods to include students with learning difficulties and disabilities in my classroom.
I completed my M.Ed degree in Special Education at David Yellin Teachers College, specializing in integrating students with learning disabilities in the mainstream classroom, which has always been my passion in education.
I am married to Stephen, a pediatrician, and proud mom to Hallel, Aviad and Shahar. We live in Modiin.

Your child was diagnosed with a learning disability and/or an attention disorder (ADD/ADHD). What now?

Finding out your child has a learning disability and/or an attentional disorder can be challenging. Even if you have received written guidelines from a psycho-didactic ivchun, the list may be extensive and hard to understand. Diagnoses from a doctor may not include practical tips for learning.
All-in-all, this may be overwhelming.
You may need help navigating the school system in order to make sure your child gets remedial hours if eligible. You may need to opt for extra help outside of school. You may need some assistance in understanding your options and making these decisions.

How can I help you?

Review the ivchun with you and explain it in practical terms.
Work together to create a “plan of action”.
Guide you on how to be your child’s advocate in school.
Tips on how to help your child study at home.
Explain school committees.
Help with selecting additional resources .

Success stories

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A&D, parents of 5th grader

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